I’ve joined Beacon Reader! Help support freelance journalists around the world!

imagesReaders, I have signed on to an innovative online platform that hopes to support and cultivate quality journalism from freelancers like myself.  You can fund the reporting you want to see.  I only have 13 days to get 24 more sponsors so your continued support of my work now in this new venture and sharing my profile link will be a big help!

You can find the details of my project here!

Another journalist from the site put it best: “For a mere $5/month subscription you’ll get an new, exclusive story from me every week on this topic and much more international news.   But that’s not all, you’ll also get access to EVERY story by Beacon’s worldwide team of accomplished freelance journalists, folks who report regularly for NYT, Time, the New Yorker, Harpers, and more. There are no ads and this isn’t a polished collective blog. It’s serious, high-quality journalism. The majority of your subscription fee goes directly to me and the rest lets Beacon provide the infrastructure and network to distribute our stories.”

While I will continue to post here and freelance for some other clients, I am eager to spend my time reporting on the Beacon platform and subscribing will be the best way to help me keep going!


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