Warsaw hosts the climate change conference!

As some of you know, I have been reporting from sunny, tropical Warsaw this month! It’s the United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change/19th Conference of the Parties.

The irony of not having seen much sun at a climate change conference is not lost on me or the many layers of clothing and winter gear I have donned in the past week.

These kinds of events are always a little overwhelming as a relatively new journalist. A tumultuous sea of acronyms and jargon to swim through, a big picture to maintain, and deadlines to meet have kept me quite busy and sometimes bleary-eyed. What makes it more challenging is that I normally don’t write about climate change or environmental issues.  I figured throwing myself into a COP is the best place to learn though!  It’s like a crash course in bureaucracy and the science of climate change with several hundred events taking place these ten days.

I’ve been very lucky to get an opportunity to report from Warsaw for the lovely team at UN Dispatch, a site I highly recommend you check out for your international/UN news and opinion fix.  They are also on Twitter @UNDispatchDSC_0472  

Here’s a roundup of my pieces that have been posted thus far:

In the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan and the devastation caused by it, the Philippines’ Representative Naderev ‘Yeb’ Sano, declared a hunger strike until negotiations made real progress.  That was almost a week ago today!

Australia is a controversial player in this year’s climate change negotiations because of new Prime Minister Abbott and his administration’s stance on all issues environmental.  

As with any development issue, climate change is no different when it comes to having funding issues.  Developing countries feel they unfairly bear the burden of the effects of climate change that is caused largely by developed countries.  Much of the negotiations focus on who pays for what, how much they should pay, and where the money will actually go.

I’ll post more pictures, videos, and stories in the coming days about the conference and my personal travels!


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