2013: Year ahead


I hope you all get to laugh, dance, and know more in 2013, Happy New Year!  It’s been a year of ups and downs, a move, a career change, and a host of other experiences.  Here’s to a better, brighter, less stressful next year!

Taking a cue from my Twitter friend, @KimLW over at Midnight Snark, I’m not making resolutions.  I’m making a To Do list!

In no particular order, 35 things I’d like to do or accomplish in 2013:

1.  Continue with the FiftyFifty.me challenge, see here. Did horribly this year due to  the year mentioned above, but I’m more positive about 2013.

2. Get my scuba diving certification.

3.  Get to a beach. Desperately.

4. Use my frequent flyer miles.

5. Take a long bike ride.

6. Join a book club.

7. Get a byline on a major website or publication.

8. Complete a 5k.


9. Fit into *that* dress.

10. Try at least 10 new recipes.

11. Pay off my credit card debt.  If I were to rank them, this would be #1.


12. Get a professional headshot taken.

13. I’m learning Spanish, so, keep doing that.

14. Take an improv/flying/something new class.

15. Have someone introduce me as a journalist/writer/etc. I call myself these things in an attempt to legitimize my career change, but I want and need someone else who is more established to introduce me as one.

16. Volunteer my time to an organization that helps the homeless, veterans, or children.

17. Make a piece of jewelry.  I’ve lost one of so many pairs of earrings, part of this is coming up with a better way to organize what jewelry I have.

18. Compile all my digital photographs in one place.

19. Take another sewing class.

20. Make it through at least 60% of my Instapaper queue by end of each month.  I’m just accumulating articles without reading them.

21.  Write a letter to an Editor.

22. Get a piece of paid travel writing published.

23. See a live show, preferably someone like The Roots.

24. Go to at least 3 museums.

25. Start my ‘Pictures of Libraries’ photo series.  It’s exactly what you think it is.

26. Write 2-3 blog posts a week.


27. Cook something with herbs I’ve grown (in my apartment window sill)

28. Add to a retirement account.

29. Buy a nice DSLR camera. Learn how to use said camera properly.

30. 3 words: Flash. Dance. Mob.


31. Become a morning person. (I can’t stop laughing at this one.)

32. Get my parents a really great anniversary gift. I wasn’t able to this year.

33. Play Fantasy Football. Haven’t done it in years.

34. Renew my professional certifications and memberships.

35. Feel like this about something:


I’ll probably add to the list as the year goes on and will do periodic reviews!  Happy New Year everyone! What are you planning to do in 2013?!


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