Policy Mic: Making Sense of the Senseless in Newtown, CT


What a sad, tragic event that took place in Newtown, Connecticut yesterday.  My thoughts are with the parents of those 20 small children, babies really.  And to the loved ones of the brave teachers and administration for the Sandy Hook Elementary school.  I also think about all the parents of young children that I know.  I can’t even imagine the emotional questioning that’s going on right now. These babies were too tiny to have to witness something like this. All children are, throughout the world. Trying to process all the gun control information out there, the law is not without passion, is it? Heard from friends abroad that they just don’t understand why this keeps happening here without any legal reform. I don’t think Americans do either. And this isn’t to say there are not responsible gun owners out there, but check out the picture of the weapon used. That is not for hunting or protection.

Here’s what I managed to write for Policy Mic.


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