Israel-Palestine borders. MapNerds: You’re welcome

If this isn’t a Mapnerd’s dream come true, I’m not sure what is.  You should be very, very excited, in the nerdiest possible way about the link below.  We all know drawing a map may appear to be a harmless act, just a document of one’s surroundings, but it can also be one that has massive historical impact for generations to come.  A map based on political will and power of outside interests can divide cultures, families, resources, and create conflicts for years.

To understand the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, you must play British mapmaker at some point.  Here’s your chance with the latest Israel-Palestine conflict.  The interactive feature even spells out possible implications of the lines you draw…it’s almost too much for this Mapnerd to handle!!  Ok, calm down. Click.  Watch the intro (with some pleasant theme music).  Plan on not getting any work done for a bit because this will grab your interest and make you think.

The features on the IsPeacePossible site are necessarily detailed and really give a depth to the peace process.  We all realize it’s a complicated one filled with violence, but undoing the entanglement is not as simple as some pundit on cable tv may have you believe.

Crowdsourcing an Israeli-Palestinian Border – The Atlantic.

Via The Atlantic - Is Peace Possible?




4 thoughts on “Israel-Palestine borders. MapNerds: You’re welcome

  1. It reminds me of a documentary I once watched about the partition of India and Pakistan. All done by some British civil servant who had never been to the region before and knew nothing of its peoples. He was locked away in a room in Delhi with maps and arbitrarily drew a line across the landscape following natural features but not human realities. We all know the disaster that followed. Maps can be very dangerous things.

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