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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts (see ‘Sunday Times’ posts earlier), but I think I’ll try to get back to them.  The titles may take on some variations so please bear with me, after all this whole blog is a big experiment for me! Do you have any suggestions? What kind of stories do you mostly follow? If you have any links to add, please feel free to comment!

Central/South America 

Chavez is, in a way, the ultimate ‘politician.’  Half martyr, mostly calculating.  Always in power.

Middle East/North Africa

Because Ahmedinejad is that girlfriend you go to when you’re feeling down about something, ready with ice cream, junk food, and a hopeful message.

There’s no snark here about Syria.  The rebels advance on Aleppo, despite the repeated hits they have taken.

Do you remember that time Morsi kept getting in his own way?


Ghanaians as tired of election cycle as Americans; ‘technical difficulties’ adopted as well.  However, they do have a new President, John Mahama!

Because things aren’t dire enough in Sudan…

Asia/South Asia

At the COP18, United Nations Climate Conference this past week, the Philippines delegate was brought to tears over this, and rightly so.  Climate change has a very real impact.

Rampant poverty and corruption are like totes ok, cos, like, these kids were for realz posting crap on Facebook. Oh yeah, and giving in to fear after the death of Bal Thackeray was not at all akin to Stockholm Syndrome.  Not at all, because he was not the real-life Indian version of a Corleone.

Another tragedy in Afghanistan; for women.  What are men so scared of that they will kill as a result of it?

International Trade

I hope people realize every conflict probably starts with food.

Big Macs taste different in Moscow.


Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Messi, but I bow down to this feat.  What a talent!


And your Laugh of the Day: He just went in for an end table




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