Morsi Under Siege: Will His Concession Calm Egypt?

Story I’m keeping my eye on tonight…


With a late-Saturday-night concession, President Mohamed Morsi tried to contain the largest sustained public uprising since the revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak. Thousands of anti-Morsi protesters have occupied both Tahrir Square and the streets outside the presidential palace calling for two main demands: the revocation of the Nov. 22 decree that Morsi used to grant himself sweeping new powers and a delay of a Dec. 15 referendum scheduled on a controversial and hastily completed draft constitution. Other (but not all) protesters have been adding a third demand that echoes the Tahrir revolution that toppled Mubarak: irhal, Arabic for leave.

Morsi’s late-night stratagem involves heavily modifying the constitutional decree that gave him so much power. The original decree is formally annulled but will likely be replaced by a second upcoming decree. However, the hastily drafted proposed constitution is still on track for a quick national referendum on Dec. 15…

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