Be Thankful for…a ceasefire! (even if it may not last)

Happy Thanksgiving America!  What you just saw was a short video of a protest that has been happening since the recent Israel-Gaza conflict began.  Enjoy the long weekend, stuff your faces, and remember all of which you should be grateful like electricity, food, and not getting rocket fire at your doorstep.  Oh and humanity, I suppose, despite rantings and ravings of general public that gets in my way on the sidewalks of New York City, we should be thankful for the rare moments in which people many not fully disappoint.   Few nights ago, it came in the form of a protest.  (Note: It was smartly called Arab SPRING for a reason.  Frozen hands for poor journalists)

So why, be happy about a protest for violations of international law?  Well, maybe happy isn’t the right word…perhaps ‘a sign of progress – warts and all’ is more apt.

“Netanyahu, you can’t hide! Free, free Palestine!”  shouted protestors outside of the Israeli mission to the United Nations here in New York.  Palestinian flags being waved proudly in the cold night air as the usual NYPD protocol applied with metal barriers and a police presence for crowd control.

Do you notice something different about the protest though?

“Zionism is not Judaism!” was shouted into a megaphone…by a Rabbi. The Rabbis with him here not at a different protest, but joined with the Palestinian supporters, all angry at the humanitarian situation during the most recent conflict in the region.

Journalists nearby were commenting on the rare occasion in which you see two ‘rivals’ joining in a call for action.  As chants rang out, I approached Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss,spokesperson of the organization Jews United against Zionism, curious as to why a man like him would be at a protest like this, against Israel no less.

Here’s what he had to say:

Rabbi Weiss speaking on the history of the violence in Gaza and Israel

If anyone is interested in the whole audio, just let me know!

The fact is, a common enemy instead of a common good is what brings these two groups together.  But, that’s a start and hopefully it will lead to finding more common ground in a friend.

Earlier today, it was announced that a ceasefire was agreed upon due, no doubt in part, to Secretary of State Clinton’s visit to Egypt.  (More on that in later posts!)


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