If the third Presidential debate was like the foreign policy wonk’s Superbowl, Election day is like the policy wonk’s birthday, Christmas, Chanukah, and an unexpected school holiday the day of an exam all combined.  Here in the States our national nightmare is almost over…the Presidential election will be decided tonight (hopefully).

If we have another 2000, I’m not sure the punditry would be able to stand it.  MSNBC and FOx News would be wetting themselves with ratings joy while every other journalist is equal parts excited/angry/tired/nauseated.

I Barack’d the vote today, but whether you do that, choose the Rominee, or Go Green – I hope you are reading this post after you have cast your ballor or at least while you are in line to do so!

Yesterday, I got into an interesting twitter argument with someone who did not feel voting was important, saying his vote would likely not count.  Well, you get thousands of people saying that and guess what? It adds up.  Sure we have the Electoral College – which I personally think is ridiculous and needs to be abolished – but they normally vote based on outcomes in their state.  Popular vote is also still counted in Presidential elections.

It’s not just a right or privilege to vote – it’s a responsibility; a duty.  All of us have the right to a representative government here in the States, but as we preach (and sometimes impose) democracy on other parts of the world, we have comparatively abysmal voter turnout rates.

I hope that’s not the case today.

Here are a few links to maps my fellow mapnerds will like to follow along with all day and likely well into the night:

From Huffington Post, the dreaded Electoral College Map.


Or you can refer to my personal favorite toy this un-ending election season, the infamous Nate Silver and his New York Times Five Thirty Eight Blog.  There’s a map and also an interactive, electoral scenario tool – yes dear Wonk, you’re home.  

Also, here’s a handy guide form The Guardian regarding when you can finally go home and go to bed either knowing the next four years are going to be all right or tearfully leaning on a friend as you draft your petition to secede NYC from the Union, aka a chart of when states will declare their winners.  




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