An Open Letter from Science to the States – Climate Change

Sixty-eight Nobel Prize winners in the science fields, including the two Americans who won this year’s chemistry prize, have signed a letter endorsing President Barack Obama over his Republican rival, Mitt Romney.  Excluding the Nobel committee’s ridiculous decision to award the Peace Prize to the EU (lest they forget the Greek, French, and London riots), this group of award winners is impressive and reputable, to say the least.

Climate change may be one of the most important issues of our time.  It is international, local, science, psychology, sociology, environmental, behavioral, emotional, fiscal, and economics – all at once.  Very few issues are so hotly contested in their very existence, pun intended.  The United States may be one of the only developed nations on Earth not to have acknowledged the crisis on a national level.

People seem to think journalists need to be unbiased, but what that really means is staying true to the facts, investigating the evidence, and relaying those truths.  Climate change exists.  It is a problem and denying it exists or mocking it in a national speech will do nothing to help future generations or our own.  For more information on how climate change can affect the world’s poorest, often unfairly at the receiving end because they have historically not been the people contributing to it, look to UNEarth News.  A digital publication based in the United Nations press corps and soon to have it’s official launch. (I also handle the social media content for @UNEarthNews in addition to it’s sister publication, @MediaGlobal)

Here is the orignal New York Times article with a link to the actual letter from the Nobel prize winners.


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