Democratic National Convention Coverage Days 1-3

Update: Thanks to all of you who read the live-blogs!  I was able to draw in nearly 18,000 unique views on the three nights. 

Though I wasn’t able to make it to Charlotte, I was able to see the impact of the DNC as what millions of people saw on television.

Here are links to my live-blogs hosted by PolicyMic from each of the three days!

DAY 1 – Michelle Obama was stunning and delivered a wonderful speech.  There were several excellent speeches on the night.

DAY 2 – BILL CLINTON.  It was more wonk than wistful and full of all the policy and numbers that the campaign needed.  48 minutes and I listened to each one.  

DAY 3 – It was POTUS night.  The speeches leading up were a mixed bag and then Joe Biden came on and did a solid job, making me wonder yet again why people underestimate him as a politician.  President Obama’s speech was not the lofty, soaring rhetoric we are accustomed to seeing from him, but it was an appropriately sobering, realistic, and sincere speech.  It allowed him to acknowledge the weight of governing and take on the criticisms of 2008’s Hope and Change themes.  

Also, here’s a great video from the Washington Post comparing the RNC and DNC which have dominated the news for the past 2 weeks.  Happy Election everyone!


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