LIVE BLOG: Democratic National Convention

For the next three days I will be live-blogging the Democratic National Convention.  It’s been clear if you have read any of my other pieces that my political views lean left, however I promise to bring you as objective a perspective as I can to my continual updates!

File:Michelle Obama DNC 2008.jpg

PolicyMic will be hosting the live-blog here as they did with my Greek election live updates.  I hope you tune in, enjoy, and participate if you would like!

As usual, the views expressed are my own and you can follow me on twitter @RestlessRani

Democrats have a great advantage, in holding their Democratic National Convention one week after the Republican National Convention, if they play their cards right.

What will this week’s political convention bring? Will there be any ‘Eastwooding’ going on? Will Betty White be there? What will Michelle be wearing? So many questions!

In all seriousness, I believe former President Bill Clinton’s speech on Wednesday evening has the potential to have a big impact on the tone of the Convention. Expect him to call out the RNC on welfare and health care issues, which many Democrats say are blatant lies.

On Tuesday evening, Michelle Obama will speak, and she comes across as a more powerful figure than Ann Romney. Just like Ann Romney’s speech, we should not underestimate the importance of Michelle’s speech, just because spouses have traditionally been softball spokeswomen for their husband candidates. Issues like education, child health, and the continued sacrifices of military families will certainly be on Michelle Obama’s agenda.

This week, I expect to see calculated responses from the Democrats to the criticisms of the RNC, in the form of speeches with specific policy plans. I also expect to see a very effective, simple argument from attack dog Vice President Biden. He and Clinton both have a knack for simplifying complex topics into digestible sound bites, serving as a
complement to the President’s more professorial and cool demeanor.

We can expect a host of targeted criticisms of Paul Ryan’s budget, though the DNC may worry about hosting a classroom lecture on prime-time television. I would love to see that, as I think people need to become more educated about the numbers in order to fully understand the issues at stake. Right now, it seems as though there will most
likely be methodical and maddening fact-checking of every last statement of every speech set to take place at the DNC.

On Thursday, President Obama’s speech will most likely have shades of 2008, with it’s lofty rhetoric set to inspire.  But it will also contain the darker realities of our economic situation. He is certain to address foreign policy, especially Afghanistan, and frame these successes in terms of jobs and the U.S. economy.


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