Media Global News: The world’s Least Developed and a membership to the WTO

Earlier in the summer I mentioned I am now in a Correspondent’s program at a small agency at the United Nations, Media Global News.  We report on issues facing the world’s poorest, who are often ignored unless it’s a third-party discussion about aid and the dire humanitarian crises so many face.  In an attempt to bring my background to the situation, here’s my first piece.  The WTO recently issued some new benchmarks for becoming a member of the club that allows 157 countries to trade, import, and export with, ideally, a standard framework of regulations.  The WTO’s new rules are a good step in the right direction and the decision to revise them was no doubt a difficult one with competing interests and a global economic crisis to take into account.  But, are the world’s Least Developing Countries really being treated fairly?  Read on here.

And check out my fellow Correspondent‘s stories as well!  <shameless plug>


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