Olympics Fever – Part 2 (We are women, watch us soar…to victory)

Sigh, alas, our longing for medal ceremonies, national emotion, and amazement of human bodies continues.  To wean ourselves of Olympics and London 2012 dependence I’m posting a series of my favorite moments from these Games.  Part 1 is here.


YES.  Women dominated these Games in a way as they never have before.  American women especially!  According to the Bleacher Report, “Only two countries won as many gold medals at the 2012 Olympics as the 29 earned by the United States women.”

They also beat out the American Men’s contingent in gold medals and overall medal count.  For the first time. Ever.

Alyson Felix!  Missing Gold in Athens and Beijing, Felix’s beautiful smile and hard work led to GOLD in London.

Bleacher Report – Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

And how could I forget the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team.  Triumph for teens…McKayla Maroney was robbed of a perfect score, but that didn’t stop these lovely girls!

WATCH HERE: (Courtesy of NBC)

Not to be outdone for drama, the Women’s Soccer (Football) team was pitted against rival Japan, the team they narrowly lost last year’s World Cup to in a heartbreaking PK shootout.

They won in grand fashion this time though.

But, triumphs were not just limited to the women of America:

Caster Semenya

This South African middle distance runner has had to deal with more than just training, the clock, other runners, and flashbulbs.  She was unjustly subjected to humiliating speculation about her gender by the International Olympic Committee.  She has endured media attention and undergone doctor’s tests in order to prove to others she is woman.

But, her mother always supported her.  Despite all of the controversy, Semenya yet again proved herself a strong woman.  This time on the track.  This time with a Silver medal in the 800 meters on the world’s biggest stage.  Congrats girl!

Magnificent Mary! Mary Kom

To say India, that other nation with a billion people, has not had a solid presence in the Olympics is an understatement.  I believe at last count Michael Phelps has more medals than the Motherland.

Every once in a while, though, there is that wonderful kind of story that would only ever happen to an Olympian.  Mary Kom’s might be just that.

She’s from a corner of India often forgotten, closer to China than Bombay.  Her parents were workers in a field.  And her state is one that faces poverty and ethnic strife.  Above it, Kom has become a force to be reckoned with in the female boxing world, with FIVE World Championships.  Oh, and did I mention, she took a 2 year break in between and has twin boys?  Her bronze medal for India means more than just thrid place, it’s a victory. Young girls of India, here’s your inspiration!


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