Olympics Fever – Part 1

I may well be in a post-Olympics depression.  It’s true.  I can’t even imagine the depths of my possible despair should I actually live back in London town.

Why do I so love the Olympic Games? I write and think about world affairs and international trade rules and development programs for a living and when it comes to the Games, you capture something above all that.  Athletes all have their own special story.  The gamut of human emotion rises above wars, trade restrictions, business, and differences.

So every four years, we are reminded of the amazing ability of the world stage.  In order to get through this tough time (don’t laugh), here’s a list of some of my favo(u)rite moments from the London 2012 Games, in no particular order:

Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner

The IOC was concerned he would have an advantage because of his carbon fiber legs.  He legs were amputated at the tender age of 11 months and went on to break no less than 30 Paralympic Games records.  If his determination to get into the able-bodied Games doesn’t embody the Olympic Spirit, I’m not sure who does.  Maybe he didn’t win any medals, but he sure won a lot of hearts.

For tear-inducing joy, watch his 400m semi-finals and then Finals from August 4 and August 5.  Go, Blade Runner, Go!!

Usain Bolt: Doing the Bolt

He ran the 100m faster than I could type this sentence.   I don’t care what people say about his theatrics or bravado.  I don’t care because he trains and it’s nothing to hold against him if he’s having a great time while doing it.  He really is the fastest man on two feet, in the world.  Now, do the bolt!


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