Sunday Times

Here’s a roundup of some news I’m following this fine weekend:

Egypt has a new, democratically elected, non-military President!  The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi was elected, but only by about 25% of the Egyptian population due to a combination of the secular vote being split among 3 candidates and a runoff election, which by many accounts, was a choice between the lesser of two evils (MSNBC).  Only time will tell if the Brotherhood’s anti-US stance will affect Egypt’s aid money (AlertNet) and foreign investments (AllAfrica), trade agreements, and most importantly, peace treaties.  Here are some articles offering analysis:

On the issue of the military (Supreme Council of Armed Forces – SCAF) power in the election and beyond:


I don’t normally comment too much about U.S. domestic politics, but this week saw a historic health care decision that affects us all.  The Supreme Court of the United States upheld President Obama’s healthcare plan!  Here’s a basic breakdown of what it means for us from Mother Jones.  It’s not a perfect solution, as Fareed Zakaria, explains, but I think it’s a step in the right direction.

For those opposed to Obamacare: if you don’t think the unemployed young, sick, or old should not get health care, go ahead and explain please. I’m not bating, I genuinely want to know why. I’m no expert, but it doesn’t seem like ACA limits choice of doctor, you can still carry a gun, and run free with your idiocy and junk food. Insurance companies will still be rolling in money as well. In fact, I actually think tying health care to employment is absolute garbage, but this is a good step.

I’ve written a few articles on the Afghanistan war, highlighting one of the major problems from now on will be, as always, money.  International aid in a time of global economic crisis is always tricky, to put it lightly.  With India’s regional dominance economically, despite recent reports of slowed growth, it makes sense for them to push aid into Afghanistan not just for financial reasons but for strategic regional security as well.   (International Herald Tribune)

Tragically, the news out of Syria is much the same: massacre.  Here’s a video from Douma (may be graphic).  It’s hard to weed through all the reports and scenes considering the limited, if any, access journalists have been given.  Then there is the infamous Annan security plan, which is anything but secure.

“Time is running out. The conflict must be resolved through peaceful dialogue and negotiations,” Annan told reporters.  (Reuters)

It seems the rest of the world is deciding Syria’s fate, but it looks like nothing can truly be resolved until Assad is taken out of power, a point which Russia continues to argue against despite the massive amounts of civilian deaths.  (Al Jazeera English)

Turkey’s role (AlertNet) will be pivotal in the crisis as well with their shared border, (Washington Post) allowing for possible refugees and violence.

In lighter news: We’ve heard over the years from scientists and anthropologists that there was actually an ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve.’  Specifically, Eve lived in Africa about 190,000 years ago.  Now, in Scotland, resides one of her lineage, a man who carries the DNA.  Fascinating story about how all humans are really related… (Telegraph)

The rest of the week will be filled with watching the Olympic trials and of course, UEFA Euro 2012 – viva Italia!


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