Greek election live-blog!

ImageThis seems to be year of historic elections around the world.  First Egypt and the results of their Arab Spring (the run-off election is today between Shafik and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi) and now Greece and the “Grexit,” or possible Greek exit from the Euro due to massive debt and failing economy.

I’m happy to announce I will be live-blogging the elections with the editors at

Please tune in over the weekend for regular updates, videos, quotes, and results!

Also, if you are on Twitter I have composed a public list you can follow: @RestlessRani and “Greek elections”  I have tried to get as many reliable news sources and tweeps as I could, but if you have any to add, do let me know!

The official Twitter hashtag is #Greece2012

If you would like additional sources, just comment or shoot me e-email/Tweet, glad to provide my collection of articles and blogs.


Congrats to Greece on their UEFA Euro 2012 advancement win over Russia!!   It was certainly an unlikely victory since Russia had exhibited such skill in easily defeating the Czech Republic in their first game and Italy, in a friendly before the tournament. Ironically, Greece’s next match is June 22 in which they play the winner of Group B. Germany is currently leading that group with 6 points and their match tomorrow is against Denmark, who just came off a tough match with Portugal. Just another reason, why soccer illustrates international affairs better than most experts can. Perhaps we can see another picture of Angela Merkel watching her team with world leaders next week!

Also, If you remember the amazing pictures of street and graffiti art to come out of Cairo and Tahrir Square during the early days of the Arab Spring revolution, you will enjoy this artists work as well.  Click the link above to the live-blog and here for work by one artist, who only goes by Bleeps.  Revolutions, wars, and economic crises are heart-wrenching, back-breaking work, and sometimes bloody..and the art that comes out of it is quite amazing.  Here’s my favorite one: A bikini model, with an amputated leg.  The caption reads: Greece’s next economic model.


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