Sunday Times

Round up of news I’m following this week:

Don't mention the score: Angela Merkel looks stony-faced as David Cameron celebrates Chelsea victory

David Cameron celebrates Chelsea’s victory over Bayern Munich to take the Champions League title Photo: Reuters/White House/Pete Souza (Telegraph)

Between Drogba’s head and Muller’s mistaken foot, CHELSEA are the Champions League  winners over FC Bayern!! Congrats to all the fans at Stamford Bridge! I love a good underdog story:)   (

I’m surprised none of the UN Monitor’s in Syria have died given stories like this. (Reuters)

Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the Libyan intelligence officer who was the only person ever convicted in the 1988 PanAm-Lockerbie bombing, has reportedly died in Tripoli.  (Washington Post)

Pakistan blocks Twitter.  It would help to block rampant and harmful corruption in the government and terror cells before social media, don’t you think?  Or you know, make sure your poorest citizens, a growing portion of the population, are fed and have adequate water.  But, hey, monitoring Twitter is totally important too.  (Al Jazeera English)

Egg fried rice.  The Taiwanese think President Ma Ying-jeou second term will be entirely too China-friendly for their taste and blame him for rising cost of living.  So, they threw eggs at his portrait during the inauguration.  (Al Jazeera English)

There was an earthquake in Northern Italy, Emilia Romanga, destroying several historical buildings and killing at least five. (New York Times)

By far the biggest story of the weekend here in the States are the G8 meeting and NATO summit.  

It seems the Taiwanese and Syrians are not the only angry ones.  The Chicago Police Department as well as several protestors (CNN) are up in arms as well over the meeting.  (I wonder what Carl Winslow would do)

The Greek crisis (CNN) dominated the G8 summit on Saturday with the rest of the world worried about the Euro Zone crisis (AJE).  Also discussed was Iran’s nuclear program (Reuters) and the standoff with Israel.

POTUS also called for increased programming and funding for global food security, but particularly in conflict-prone areas.  (AllAfrica News)

I’ll be posting a few stories on the NATO summit in the next few days so stay tuned and enjoy your Sunday!


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