Up, Up, and Up


One of my earliest memories in life is of a school trip.  It seems odd in the mix in my head of those earliest days: the smell of my late grandmother’s closet of saris, the sound of my late grandfather’s stories, and the apartment we used to all live in.

I think I was in preschool or Kindergarten and it was all very exciting.  I’m not even sure where we were going, maybe to see the Wooly Mammoth at the Natural History Museum?  In any case, we ended up downtown…

We were all so small anyway, but even more tiny as we stood in the plaza as power suits and big 80s hair rushed past us.  We had to crane our necks so far back, we laid down on the ground in a line, arms interlocked, to look up, up, and even more up.  It was one of the few sights that never seemed to get smaller as I grew older, not like your old house or playground or the city itself.

Maybe it was because I moved away to Ohio where, though a wonderful place to spend the rest of my childhood, there was nothing that scraped the sky quite like it, maybe because I was working in DC when they fell, or that I’m back here now…whatever the reason, the memory has stuck.

Now kids for generations will get to experience the same awe.


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