Obama is the cooler one, but is it enough?

I absolutely love that we have a President that can do this and still command respect in the international policy arena…but is it enough at home? If he’s to be re-elected there needs to be a major push of his accomplishments, specifically regarding young people and their debt – and you know we all have it (student loan, credit card, etc). But also, I hope the campaign highlights what his concrete ideas are for US positions in the Middle East and oil, Asia and the competing nuclear power tests, and Europe and their financial crisis. Mostly though, I need to hear about Afghanistan funding for security forces and American jobs, jobs, jobs…and the economy.

Maybe this will be his 2012 version of the “Yes we can” video to which people will refer back and maybe it will be derided as a distraction tactic. The months leading up to November will inevitably drag on at some point, but in the meantime, enjoy the smooth news-musical stylings of POTUS and The Roots:


One thought on “Obama is the cooler one, but is it enough?

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