Sunday Times

Here’s a rundown of news stories from I’ve been watching this past week and stories to pay attention to as they unfold:

  • Not from this past week, I’m still angry about it, so it’s being included: Gov. Corbett of Pennsylvania said some idiotic and sexist comments.  I think if they want Viagra, they can get a mandatory colonoscopy or prostate exam.  They too can ‘just close their eyes.’
  • Congratulations(?) Hong Kong! The former British colony will have a new leader beginning July 1.  Leung Chun-ying not only has close ties to Beijing and the Chinese Communist Party, but I find it interesting that he has a real estate background.  Given the economic hit that particular sector has taken in the global economic crisis, but its relative stability in a place like Hong Kong, Leung is a controversial choice not just for pro-democracy citizens but also wealthy developers.  Here’s the link to the NY Times story. Photo courtesy of Al Jazeera.
  • Wear a hoodie in support of Trayvon Martin.  Sending supportive vibes to his devastated family…I hope that justice will be served by at least arresting George Zimmerman.  Just a tragic story exacerbated by a ridiculous piece of Florida legislation.  Of course, this is also the state that couldn’t handle voting properly for a Presidential candidate, so are we really all that surprised?
  • I know everyone is up in arms over the flour thrown on Kim Kardashian (gasp!), but there was a military coup in Mali.  Video courtesy of Al Jazeera.
  • Oh yeah, we’re still at war in case anyone forgot.  That little place called Afghanistan
  • Also, I attended the Debates in Development Conference held by NYU’s Development Research Institute.

It was really interesting to go to this event as someone who primarily works in the private sector (customs, import/export, trade compliance) but has experience in a developing country’s microfinance NGO.  I certainly did not agree with (or really, understand) a lot of what the academics had to say, but it was great to hear from the business world in the context of development and emerging markets.

I live-tweeted the event, so please check out the hashtag #DRIDebates on twitter to read the comments!

In particular this comment sums up the event nicely:


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