50/50 Challenge: Movie 4-5

I’ve been woefully behind on my reading, watching, and reporting back.  Alas, offline life is busy!  However, I’ve been trying to catch up.  

I’m working on a few books right now, one of them is a monster at nearly 1000 pages, but doesn’t read nearly as fast as Harry Potter.  

Here are the movies I’ve caught up on though: 


Ahh, yes, it’s the Madness of March!  For the Terrapin in me, it’s an exciting time even if my bracket is less than perfect right now.  Ok, it’s shot to hell, but doesn’t mean I can’t root for the underdog!  That’s why Glory Road is all about.  It’s a great story about how sport can bring people together.  Not as good as some others in this vein, for example Remember the Titans.  


What can I say?  I loved the books, I read the 7th one in all of one weekend.  I laughed, I was scared, I teared up a little.  The movie is dark and serious and captures the book pretty well.  I need to watch the second part as soon as I can.  I’m curious to see how the final battle will be shown.  There was really no way I could hate this movie to be honest.  


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