Great way to start out the week!

Thanks to the Other Watson over at the wonderful Wanton Creation, another reading fool like myself, for nominating me for the Awesome Blog Content award!

As part of winning this award, I’m supposed to describe myself in a word for every letter of the alphabet.  After much deliberation, caffeine, and actual work procrastination here is the resulting description:

Awesome (see above), Bitchin (in the most 1980s sense possible), Curious, Debater, Eater of spicy snacks, Fun, Gregarious, Hilarious, Irritable, Jovial, Klutz, Laughable, Maniac, Nerd, Oddball, procrastination, Quirky, Real, Sarcastic, Troublemaker, Urban, Vagrant, Witty, Xerophilous (capable of thriving in a hot, dry climate, as certain plants and animals), Youthful, Zaftig.

The second part of accepting this award is paying it forward and nominating others!  They all happen to be some really interesting and witty female bloggers too.

Here are the blogs and bloggers you should definitely check out:

From Rae With Love

One Chick, Okay?

The Intrepids

Au Lait In A Sidecar

Midnight Snark

The Oncoming Hope

Thank you to my readers and keep coming back as I continue to update the site format and content!  Pass on the award-love bloggers:)


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