Rani’s Rules

From time to time I’ll post some ‘Rules’ of life, basically my version of Murphy’s Law.  These are things, some serious and some definitely not, that will inevitably happen to you and the only way to get through them is to go through them…with some humor and/or knowing you’re not the only one.

1.  If you wear earrings:  You will lose one earring.  Just one.  It will happen on a busy street and you won’t notice until someone else points it out.  They will be the perfect earrings for several of your outfits or the ONE pair that goes perfectly with that perfect outfit.  The other earring will stay with you, through moves, cleanings, etc…mocking you in it’s newly single status.  Saying to you in your sleep: “hey remember when you used to wear both of us and looked really cute..yeah now I won’t even conform to being a pendant because you aren’t that crafty! Haha!”  You will never find a replacement.

2.  People will call you a crazy, heathen, feminist but you know you’re just being logical and sane when it comes to the contraception debate.

3.  You’ll realize that international politics is not as complex as you thought, it’s much much more complicated.  Benghazi was saved from massacre by the air power of NATO and the rebel forces sheer determination.  But, what of the decimation of Homs?  Seemed like such an easy decision, why isn’t it now?  You will be upset and angry at the state of (in)humanity when you hear about it.

4.  The more you work abroad, the more you realize corruption isn’t just a developing country problem.  It’s just that their politicians are way more open about it than ours!

5.  You will meet girls and boys who are in theory, adults.  In fact, these people think they live in a Bollywood film.  Life is not a Bollywood film.  Not even the ones with Abishek Bachchan or Aishwarya Rai.  Life is actually much more fun, with the best script ever, the unwritten one.





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